How to cross-sell products with WooCommerce


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  • Learn how to cross-sell products with WooCommerce by watching the instruction video.

We’ve enabled this on all sites and set it up on some of the English language sites.

It allows the site to recommend other products when the customer is viewing the cart.

We’ve set it up so that

  • if they are buying an EAN-13 barcode package, it also recommends an ITF-14 carton barcode.
  • if they are buying ISBN barcodes, it also recommends registration.

There is  an upsell option that we haven’t implemented, but which could be used to upsell from an Amazon barcode (with just the barcode number) to the full package (which includes number, images and registration).

Learning how to cross-sell products

Watch:     61 – Cross-sell other products with WooCommerce
Cross-selling is where you promote further products at the point of selling a product… at the point where buyers see the Proceed to Checkout button, they also see “You may be interested in…” product names with clickable buttons |  Website example – cross selling from the “View Cart” |
How to set this up: Go to Dashboard > Products and Edit a product that you want to cross-sell |  Scroll down below the page text, to near the bottom of the page, to the Product data – area, and click the Linked Products hyperlink | Here in the Cross-sells box you can add and remove further products to cross-sell from the current product |