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    Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Discover possible additions that could add value and effectiveness to your website.
  • Learn how to add elements such as widgets, broken link checkers, photo galleries, image rotators, media, IBNREG, and more.
Live Chat option:

You could add a Live Chat Service to your website.

Many countries find a live chat service very helpful. For example:

  • uses
  • IBL uses
  • Ph uses php live.
Instruction videos for additional web services or elements:

   03 – How to Add a Page    
Go to Dashboard > Pages – Add New | Use text editor | Click Publish | Click View Page |

   05 – Adding external and internal links  
Two kinds of links, external (linking out of your site) and internal (linking within your site) | Highlight text and click the hyperlink (chain link) icon, then paste the link in the URL box | For your SEO ranking, the external links should be no-follow – edit in WP Text editor… “rel=no follow” | For proper Internal links, use the URLs specified in the International Barcodes Details spreadsheet (not in the Insert Link window), and don’t use the no-follow (see the video for this procedure) | 

   06 – How to add an item to your website menu, or edit / remove items
The website menu is the horizontal menu at top right of your main website pages | This video shows how to add a further page link into the horizontal menu, and it will also help you understand how to remove or edit the menu items | Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus and view the Menu Structure with its drag-able  pages | Select your page from the Pages box at left and click Add to Menu… then within the menu structure, drag the page to the required place in the menu hierarchy | Save Menu | Check the menu in your Live site |

   09 – How to edit and add widgets   
Widgets are those areas and functions outside of the page body, such as footer, footer menu, side boxes and search bar.
Go to the Dashboard page and scroll down to the “Right Now” dropdown (open it if it is closed) > Below the Content list, click the “x widgets” hyperlink | You will see the Widgets page with a listing of widgets | The right panel has separate areas (primary, footer, full width quote, etc), each with the widgets that have been added | Edit the widgets at right, or Add a new widget by dragging across from the widgets page listing |

   13 – How to use broken link checker 
Go to Dashboard > Settings > Broken Link Checker | Next to Status, click “Found X broken Links“, then hover over a listed broken link and click “Edit URL” | Copy correct link from Excel sheet – International Barcodes Website Index | Click “Update” |

   14 – How to create a photo gallery and incorporate it into a page  
The steps are 1) add a Location, 2) Upload media to the WP library, 3) Add images from the library to the new Location, 4) Incorporate the Gallery into a page |
How to add a gallery Location: Go to Dashboard > Gallery > Location – Create Location Name (e.g. “Test Page Location”) – Create slug with no spaces (e.g. “test-page-location”) – click the “Add New Location” button to create it, and you will see this Location display in the list at right |
How to upload media to the WP library:
Go to Media > Add New > Select Files  and select media files from a drive |
How to add images from the library to the Location: Go to Gallery > Add New – type an image Title – at right, select a Gallery Location (e.g. “Test Page Location”) – at right, if appropriate click “Set featured image” – click “Publish” | In the same way, add further media items to the Location if necessary |
How to incorporate the Gallery into a Page: Go to Dashboard > Pages and open your page > add the Gallery by means of a shortcode ( see also WP Gallery Shortcode instructions ) |

   15 – How to create an image rotator and incorporate it on a page  
This procedure is the same as adding a Gallery |
How to add a new Location: Go to Dashboard > Rotator > Location | Name it (e.g. “test Location”) and add a Slug name with no spaces (e.g. test-location”) > click the “Add New Location” button |
How to upload media to the WP library: Go to Media > Add New > Select Files  and select media files from a drive |

   21 – How to add a media file to an international barcodes site  
This procedure adds a media file to your site library for easy site use without further uploads |
Go to Dashboard > Media > Add New | Either drag-n-drop the media file or click Select Files and choose the file for upload | You should be able to see it in Media > Library |

   47 – Barcode Verification and Artwork Test (offer as service products) 
Verification: This is an optional service that you can offer – using a “Barcode Verifier” we can do the same barcode artwork test as an official Barcode Verification Report | Such tests are a regulatory requirement for large retail chains in countries such as Australia and new Zealand |
Artwork Test: In the artwork test, customers supply a PDF of their artwork (A4 size or smaller, by Email), which we print in black-and-white, test, and Pass as grade A, B, or C, or Fail by three criteria | This service is set up on the international website as a Product here: Barcode Artwork Test  | You can optionally sell Barcode Artwork Tests at approximately the same rate that we charge on the web page (we will perform these at no cost to our Members) | See video for more details including sample Artwork Test ReportsHow to set up a “Barcode Artwork Test” product on your own website |

   57 IBN Logo link + Call to Action Button  
The IBN logo appears at top right on our web pages. Viewers can click it for two interaction options: 1) to link to a specific page such as the international IBN site (to establish user confidence) or 2) link a Call To Action (CTA) strip that is thereby available from every web page (we find this effective).
Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Options > General Settings tab, and near the top is a textbox for “Custom link for the IBN Member logo” – we can set this up if you let us know the URL that you require |
Further down the page is a section “Show call to action strip” with a checkbox “Tick this to display a call to action strip” and various options to customise the strip  – see sample Call To Action on a strip … we find this effective and intend using it on all of our sites |

   59 – Using side widgets for Quick Links & Product Categories
Widgets are the customisable areas / boxes that display to the side of your website pages, providing functionality beyond static textual information (widget examples include Quick Links, Live Support, Find Products dropdown menu, Your Cart) | These can be customised for individual pages | Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets | At right on the Widgets page is your current setup, and at left is the possible widgets that you can use | The 6 boxes on the home page | The Primary widget that shows on the right side of the page…  boxes setup…   how to drag and drop a box into the primary widget and configure it | You can also search online for “WordPress Widgets” |

   71 – Researching your barcode competitors (some examples and tips)  
It is worth being aware of competitor barcode sellers and doing some research to understand them better |
Example: competitors for our Bangladesh Barcodes IBN member | If they display sample numbers, you can research them at online sites: , Google search “GS1 country codes” , “Wikipedia GS1 country codes” , search on for the bangladesh | In this video example, it seems as if the competitor may be making up fictitious barcode numbers using the appropriate GS1 country prefix | Do a Google search for “Bangladesh barcodes online” and check results compared to ours | Consider how we can better out-compete them in Google Search results | To establish when this competitor started the online business, go to (“waybackmachine”) and enter the competitor’s URL – you’ll see a timeline detailing their online presence… click a year on the timeline and then click a highlighted day in the calendar to view a snapshot of the site on that day |  If the competitor appears illegitimate it may be worth querying with GS1, or adding the website to our Warnings page | If the competitor is cheating by supplying GS1 prefixes, consider creating a Warning page for the country – for example, here is our warning page for 940 to 949 barcode numbers being sold illegally in NZ  – try using a URL very close to the competitor’s URL | Add the competitor to our Barcode Competitors spreadsheet (if not on the spreadsheet already) | In general our big competitor is GS1, and others are relatively minor | Possibly pose as a customer and query the competitor, asking some awkward questions |

   76 Use GEBIR on your website, translating GEBIR Strings has been replaced with but otherwise the functionality in this video still applies.
– Global Electronic Barcode Information Registry (not the same as GS1’s GEPIR) | This video is an i
ntroduction to GEBIR and how you can use it as a powerful service on your website, for customer searches of their registered barcodes |
Search by: barcode number, company name, product name, or email address of purchaser, and the results include images plus information | Examples of GEBIR barcode searches | GEBIR page on |
For your website: This is a powerful addition to your website, and is simple to setup | It searches 1) the barcode database and 2) our records of what was sold when, and to whom | Your page needs to have “gebir” in the permalink, and you need two shortcodes; [gebir_search] and [gebir_search_results] |
How to translate GEBIR strings:  By default the GEBIR search results are in English, but it is possible to translate these strings (for bilingual sites only) | From your bilingual WordPress site, go to WPML > String Translation and specify “All strings” within the domain “gebir” | For each GEBIR result that you see listed, click the “translations” hyperlink at right, translate the English phrase that you see in the textbox (but not any text between %% and %% symbols), tick the “Translation is complete” checkbox, and click the Save button | You may need to translate on a second page as well | Check your GEBIR page search results for correct translations |