Specifying 1, 2 or more languages for your website

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  • Specify the number of languages for your website.
See also:  PDF: Using WPML for Translating your IBN Website   


Why specify the number of languages?

We use the WPML plugin for translations of our WordPress-based sites.

This plugin requires as a starting point that you specify the number of languages.


Specifying the number of languages for your website (1, 2 or more)

Decide whether your site will be

TIP:   Preferably set the default language to English as this keeps the admin tasks in English and makes it easier for our English-speaking website gurus to help you.


If single-language (XYZ):

Then every page needs to be translated to XYZ.


If bi-lingual (English and XYZ):

Then each page has an English version, and a parallel XYZ language version, and visitors can select their language via a menu toggle.

For example:

If multi-lingual:

Then each page has multiple versions and visitors can select their language from a dropdown menu.

For example:


These decisions will affect your WPML settings:

WPML > Languages > set language switcher

For example None (no language switcher on the site) .