Translating the widgets

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Applies to non-English and Bilingual websites


Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Translate your website widgets into the required language.

What are widgets?

These are simple programs that can be added to a website.

They provide extra functionality on top of the base HTML.

They cover a wide range of possibilities from displaying advertisements or weather information, linking to your social media or to more analytical purposes such as tracking visitor activity.


   09 – How to edit and add widgets   
Widgets are those areas and functions outside of the page body, such as footer, footer menu, side boxes and search bar.
Go to the Dashboard page and scroll down to the “Right Now” dropdown (open it if it is closed) > Below the Content list, click the “x widgets” hyperlink | You will see the Widgets page with a listing of widgets | The right panel has separate areas (primary, footer, full width quote, etc), each with the widgets that have been added | Edit the widgets at right, or Add a new widget by dragging across from the widgets page listing |

   92 – WPML Translating widgets  
Activate the WPML String translation plugin  | Appearance > Widgets > translate Titles | Translate other fields | Other Suggestions |

See also:  PDF: Using WPML for Translating your IBN Website