Setting up Products for a bilingual site

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Applies to non-English and Bilingual websites


Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Translate and set up the products for your bilingual website.
Setting up Products for a bilingual site

Watch:        74B – Translate PRODUCTS for Bilingual Sites manually (don’t use WPML)  
This video supplements the translation information in video 64 and video 65,
IMPORTANT – Don’t use WPML for Products: For bilingual websites, it is not possible to easily translate Product pages… to get the automation system and the text to work properly we need to create new Product pages and from the original page, copy-paste > edit with Google Translate.
To create a New Product, Add New and open in a new window so that you will be able to split the screen | Click to Edit the original barcode package in the source languageTranslate the Header and the Permalink – Tip: name it to identify the language(e.g. barcode-package-nl) | Set the language of the new product  (this should best be done first) | Copy all text from source product page,
paste it to the new Product page, and use Google Translate to translate it | Change sundry other fields such as light Theme options – compare your source vs new product and see what you need to edit… Automation needs to be “Barcode number, email and certificate”  | Email text snippet – translate this (with hyperlinks)  in Google Translate | Repeat the prices | Save and Publish | IMPORTANT: Identify the Product ID in the URL (this ID will be different to your source-language product that you’ve used as a base to copy from) – you need this number to make your translated Product work | In your original-language Product, look under WooCommerce > Pricing and Discounts > Barcode Package and check that the source pricing matches the pricing on your translated page | BUT, also very important…  note that it tells you the availability by products… you need to work out exactly which package – to check, go to All Products and find the product information in the Inventory SKU – the safest tactic is to clearly differentiate products by language |