Translating the checkout form and confirmations

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Applies to non-English and Bilingual websites


Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Translate your checkout form and confirmations into the required language.
Translating the checkout form and confirmations:

Using WPML for Translating your IBN Website   

 Watch:       64 –Translating pages for a bilingual website  
( See also related  video 65 – Bilingual Translation Setup )
Our bilingual option is based on the WPML plugin, which enables a page WPML language switcher – users click a dropdown menu to tab between the available languages | The URL includes an indication of the selected language e.g. “” |
Under Dashboard > Pages at top left you can select to display just English pages or just French… German… etc pages, or All Languages pages | The listed translation pages show flag icons representing the language translations per page | Where a page is currently just in English, its Edit icon (pencil) has a + sign next to it... click the + sign to add a translation of the English page |
To translate a page (e.g. into French):  Click the + sign next to the Edit (pencil) icon | You will see populated English fields at left and the equivalent other language fields (e.g. French) blank at right | At top right of the page, click the button “Copy all fields from original” to populate the translation fields with English text | Translate these duplicated fields using your translation method (be careful not to lose any inserted codes) and under each field, tick the checkbox “Translation is complete”| Note the translation percentage indicator at bottom centre of the screen (e.g. “75% Complete”)  |
Also translate the YOAST SEO meta-titles
fields for SEO | When you’ve ticked all checkboxes you will see a popup “100% Complete” | Back in the Pages listing you will then see two Edit (pencil) icons against your translated page | Test the WPML Language Switcher on your Live page | 

Watch:      65 Bilingual Translation Setup  
Bilingual sites need a language switcher | We use the WPML plugin, which must be installed and activated | It adds translation capability generally, but also to other important plugins such as WooCommerce | Go to Dashboard > WPML > Languages and start by setting the default Site Language (from here you can also Add or Remove languages) | For language switcher options, drag to set the order of languages (Under menu language switcher, the position need to be “Middle menu”) | optionally add the switcher to the footer | See the video for details on Translation Management and String Translation (example of a string: “Go to checkout”) | Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus and you will see options for translating menus | See also related:  video 64 – Translating pages for a bilingual website  

Watch:       18 – How to change the checkout details  (e.g. for Translation)
Instructions for translating fields on the customer checkout page | Fields on the Checkout page | Confirmation-of-checkout message | Terms and Conditions | Go to Dashboard > Settings > Store > Admin tab: translate Terms and Conditions, Message Body (confirmation message), Tracking Email Message > click Save Changes |
Go to Settings > Store > Checkout tab: translate all fields  > click Save Changes |