Translating the main pages on your website

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Applies to non-English and Bilingual websites


Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Watch the page translation videos.
  • Translate appropriate pages on your website.
Translating the main pages on your website

This can be done either online or off-line.


   65 Bilingual Translation Setup  
Bilingual sites need a language switcher | We use the WPML plugin, which must be installed and activated | It adds translation capability generally, but also to other important plugins such as WooCommerce | Go to Dashboard > WPML > Languages and start by setting the default Site Language (from here you can also Add or Remove languages) | For language switcher options, drag to set the order of languages (Under menu language switcher, the position need to be “Middle menu”) | optionally add the switcher to the footer | See the video for details on Translation Management and String Translation (example of a string: “Go to checkout”) | Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus and you will see options for translating menus | See also related:  video 64 – Translating pages for a bilingual website  

    64 – Translating pages for a bilingual website  
See also related  video 65 – Bilingual Translation Setup
Our bilingual option is based on the WPML plugin, which enables a page WPML language switcher – users click a dropdown menu to tab between the available languages | The URL includes an indication of the selected language e.g. “” |
Under Dashboard > Pages at top left you can select to display just English pages or just French… German… etc pages, or All Languages pages | The listed translation pages show flag icons representing the language translations per page | Where a page is currently just in English, its Edit icon (pencil) has a + sign next to it... click the + sign to add a translation of the English page |
To translate a page (e.g. into French):  Click the + sign next to the Edit (pencil) icon | You will see populated English fields at left and the equivalent other language fields (e.g. French) blank at right | At top right of the page, click the button “Copy all fields from original” to populate the translation fields with English text | Translate these duplicated fields using your translation method (be careful not to lose any inserted codes) and under each field, tick the checkbox “Translation is complete”| Note the translation percentage indicator at bottom centre of the screen (e.g. “75% Complete”)  |
Also translate the YOAST SEO meta-titles
fields for SEO | When you’ve ticked all checkboxes you will see a popup “100% Complete” | Back in the Pages listing you will then see two Edit (pencil) icons against your translated page | Test the WPML Language Switcher on your Live page | 

   31 – How to translate your Barcodes Database site  
Go to Dashboard > Pages > All Pages | Locate your flag in the flag icons at top left | For each Page below that you can right-click the Edit icon under your flag, and select Open Link in New Tab (in this way you can move between many pages at a time) |
As you open each page for translation for the first time, you will see what appears to be an “Add New Page” with no text… (think of this as a translation version of the source page)… look in the right panel, and under the “Language of this page” header, select “Copy content from English” to populate the page with the source English text | Now translate and Publish this version of the page | When you next open it for editing it will show with the translated text | Repeat this procedure for all pages, and the result will be an option to view your website in the translation language |

See also this PDF: Using WPML for Translating your IBN Website