Translating the Strings on your website

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Applies to non-English and Bilingual websites


Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved the following goals:

  • Translate your website Strings into the required language.
Translating the Strings on your website


   11 – How to translate strings
An early task for non-English or multi-lingual sites is to translate nearly 2000 strings | Go to Dashboard > WPML > String Translation  | For each string, click Translations, then edit / translate, then tick “Translation is completed, and Save | At top left you can search for “Translation needed” and then translate each result |

Overview of the procedure:

  1. Go to WPML > Theme and plugins localization and click this (scan translations)
  2. Note that WPML can check and download string translations.
  3. If needed, the .mo files can be found via the links on this page.
  4. Then if you find bits that aren’t translated, you can go to WPML String translations and search for the text e.g. “Read More” and then translate it as required.
  5. Translate the last few strings –

Watch:     73 – Translating the last few strings  
Some website translations miss elements, resulting in English text phrases or labels among the translated content. This video deals with how to translate these last remaining strings in order to look more professional.
How to locate a particular string: Find the untranslated string on the website and copy or note it, then go to WPML > String Translation, and at top left use “Search for” to search for the string (exact match, all domains) | You should see one or more results, each with a “translations” hyperlink at right | Click a hyperlink and you will see a text box… type the translation, click the checkbox “Translation is complete”, and click the Save button |
If you see a string listed that doesn’t appear to be a straightforward translation, try a different method… use the dropdown menu alongside “Select strings within domain” at top right, scroll down the options and look for a close match (see the video for further details)

See also this PDF: Using WPML for Translating your IBN Website