Creating Special offers with the Pricing & Discounts Plugin for WooCommerce 

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’re able to achieve the following goals:

  • Be able to set up a Special Offer where a customer gets a product for free when ordering another product or number of products.
    The result must be an auto-delivery of both the paid and the free products via email.


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  138 – Using Special Offers eg Buy X get Y Free – Pricing & Discounts Plugin for WooCommerce 
How to set up a special offer using the Discount Plugin – for example, if a customer buys a 10x EAN barcode package, they can get a free QR code | Demonstration of how this looks in the Purchase process – the software lists a QR Code at zero cost | How to set this up in WooCommerce > Pricing and Discounts > Settings > Automatically add free product to cart | Go to Cart Discounts > Product Pricing > Price Rule and set it up under Apply with other applicable rules | Under Discount, be careful with the following: 1) Don’t make the setup too complex. e.g. add Free products rather than half-price products 2) Plan how to promote this without confusing people |  Setup for “Products: Buy and “Products: Get” | TIP: To make the Pricing Rule “stick”, Save Changes, then Refresh and Test |