Getting Google Reviews, using Your Business On Google

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’re able to achieve the following goals:

  • Understand how to show in Google Search by means of adwords.
  • Be able to set up your business to display in the Google Search sidebar (at right of the screen).
  • Understand the potential of Google Customer Reviews.
  • Be able to list 3 ways in which to get Google Reviews.


   Video 100 – Displaying Google Reviews on your barcodes website
How to activate or de-activate Google Reviews | If you have a Google Account and Merchant Reviews, then your reviews can be displayed at bottom right of the web page | How to set  this up … Appearance > Theme Options > Other Options > “Tick this to activate Google Customer Reviews”   |  Add Merchant ID | Save Options | 

   Video 101 – Getting Google Reviews, using “Your business on Google”  
Showing in Google Search through adwords | Setting up your business to display in the sidebar of Google Search:  NZ exampleUK exampleGermany exampleGermany uses “Proven Expert” software for Reviews (much easier than Google Reviews) | Intro to Google Customer Reviews | TIP: Search for your business on Google and analyse the results – how to redirect any of your pages that pop-up inappropriately on Google Search | Three ways to get Google Reviews | “Product Review Reminder” | 

   Video 104 – Solicit and display TV Star Ratings on Google
When watching this video please note that Google has since changed its “Review Rich Results” policy and your star ratings will likely no longer appear in Search Results. For more information see this KB article:  
Changes to Google Star Ratings (2019)  
How to solicit and display the Star ratings in Google (in a Search result, your company details display in the right panel with a Google Reviews rating out of 5 stars) and these stars also display in the listed Google results at left | To set this up you first need to have a genuine customer star rating come through for your website (there are various options for this, for example Trust Verified) | Search Console (previously “Webmaster Tools”) > Search Appearance > Data Highlighter… examples of what we historically highlighted as a prerequisite to Google Reviews |