Dealing with Competitors

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Be aware of the measures that you can take to highlight and discredit illegitimate competitors who set up bogus online businesses without credentials, experience or knowledge of our industry.



  Video 105 – Example of dealing with a Competitor
This is an example of what we did when a competitor (EziBarcodes) appeared in NZ | We found them initially in Adwords and looked at their website, which included false info | Complained to the NZ Commerce Commission – sample of the complaint content, including screenshots of their website falsehoods | The competitor changed website content fairly quickly, but we don’t know if this was due to Commerce Commission intervention | They continued to use untruthful content though, so we decided to create online Warnings about them | How we created Google-search-optimised online Warnings | Also listed them on  | And we purchased the domain, and put up a warning page on this domain about Ezibarcodes (domains can be purchased as cheap as $10 per year) | We created similar domains for Australia and UK | We haven’t approached them directly, but a legal-action “Cease and Desist Letter” (based on a template)  would be a possible further step – this would be sent to them directly and also to the domain registrar for the company |