Translating and

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    Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve achieved these goals: 

  • Translate and

Translating and

These are two databases that we run, and they’re available in multiple languages (Google also indexes them in multiple languages, which helps with SEO).

To add your website’s language to them, please do the following:

  1. Translate the “IBNREG translation template” and “barcodesdatabase translation template” documents in the Dropbox folder
  2. Email them back to us at [email protected] .
  3. We’ll then add the translations to and

See also:

   76 Use GEBIR on your website, translating GEBIR Strings  
( has been replaced with, but otherwise this video information is relevant)
GEBIR – Global Electronic Barcode Information Registry (not the same as GS1’s GEPIR) | This video is an introduction to GEBIR and how you can use it as a powerful service on your website, for customer searches of their registered barcodes |
Search by: barcode number, company name, product name, or email address of purchaser, and the results include images plus information | Examples of GEBIR barcode searches | GEBIR page on |
For your website: This is a powerful addition to your website, and is simple to setup | It searches 1) the barcode database and 2) our records of what was sold when, and to whom | Your page needs to have “gebir” in the permalink, and you need two shortcodes; [gebir_search] and [gebir_search_results] |
How to translate GEBIR strings:  By default the GEBIR search results are in English, but it is possible to translate these strings (for bilingual sites only) | From your bilingual WordPress site, go to WPML > String Translation and specify “All strings” within the domain “gebir” | For each GEBIR result that you see listed, click the “translations” hyperlink at right, translate the English phrase that you see in the textbox (but not any text between %% and %% symbols), tick the “Translation is complete” checkbox, and click the Save button | You may need to translate on a second page as well | Check your GEBIR page search results for correct translations