Excluding payment gateways from Referral Orders


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  • Configure your website Google Analytics to exclude payment gateways from Referral Orders.


Starting and configuring a Google Account for your website

Watch:      75  – Google Analytics: Excluding payment gateways from Referral Orders  

It is worth investing effort in Google Analytics | This video includes various GA topics:
Example – book ISBN website | eCommerce overview – tracking Sales | Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels… showing where your website traffic is coming from | Sources of Traffic (channels) – Referral, Organic Search, Direct, by Acquisition, Behaviour and Conversions |  Acquisition > Source/Medium… PayPal is incorrect because PayPal is not a referral source – so how to change this?  Go to Admin > Tracking Information > Referral Exclusion List > add paypal.com to the exclusion list of referral sources (so that Google knows not to count referrals from PayPal in the Tracking Analytics) | Results won’t show immediately, but the Google tracking will change from the time that you make the adjustment |