Increasing your website Traffic in order to increase your sales and income


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  • Be able to Increase your website traffic in order to increase your sales and income, and monitor your progress using Google Analytics.


Increasing your website Traffic in order to increase your sales and income

This information is designed to give you ideas on how to increase traffic to your website, hopefully leading to increased sales and income.

There are 4 main sources of traffic to your website:

  • Direct
    People go directly to your site via a link you send them, or a link on a business card or brochure
  • Referral
    Referred from other websites, including barcode information sites, satisfied customers, companies making CDs, and business forums
  • Organic Search Traffic
    Through ranking highly on Google and other search engines, potential customers searching for say ‘retail barcode’ can find your site and link through
  • PPC (pay per click) advertising
    Google Adwords and other similar ppc adverts can generate traffic to your site. Typically you decide how much you will spend per click, and also how much you are prepared to spend each month
  • Social (eg Facebook).


Note the following information that we have derived from checking some of our international member sites:

  • There is a large variation between sites
  • Paid advertising (PPC Pay Per Click) is important! It accounts for 23-35% of traffic and 16-43% of revenue
  • Some avenues generate a lot of traffic but few conversions (sales)


See also this Dropbox document:


On your own website, check via Google Analytics > Acquisition  Channels

In order to track the sales you will need to setup a goal in Google Analytics Admin.

Once setup in Google Analytics, the Google Analytics > Acquisition > Channels report will also show revenue per channel.


Check your SEO

Check and improve your search engine ranking, so that potential customers find your site more easily, and you will hopefully generate more sales.

You can check your site for some SEO aspects via, which will show some areas that can be changed. Other areas are inherent in the site design and can’t be changed.


Check via search engines

To see how you are doing on search engines, we have a new piece of software called SE Ranking. This allows highly accurate keyword and ranking tracking as well as competitor analysis and more. All our licensees are given access to SE Ranking once their website has reached the A category in our website reviews. We need a list of competitors and keywords to track for you, so once you have reached the A category send us an email with this information to [email protected] (or send the details beforehand and you will be given access once your site reaches A ranking).

In the meantime, you can make a list of the words or phrases you would like to rank highly for, and then search on and see where your first page ranks.  If you keep this information on a spreadsheet and update it every month, you can see what changes take place in your ranking. This is clunkier and less accurate than SE Ranking.

This will also help you to keep an eye on your competitors.

The keywords we want to rank well for are words like barcode, barcodes, buy barcode, retail barcode, barcode number.

For some keywords and combination, a specific page on your site should rank better than your home page e.g. CD barcode, Amazon barcode, barcode verification etc


Google Adwords

It is worth setting up a Google Adwords account and considering paying for some ads.

We get 20% – 50% of our sales revenue through sales via Google Adwords!

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