Using the Facebook Plugin for WooCommerce


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The WooCommerce to Facebook shop plugin allows you to easily sync or unsync your products between your WooCommerce site and Facebook.

Among many benefits, this enables you to connect with more buyers and drive sales with Facebook.

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Using the Facebook Plugin for WooCommerce

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This is well worthwhile if you sell via Facebook. The plugin promotes product sales via ads on Facebook, and it enables you to optionally create a shop and sell products on Facebook itself. If you have a Facebook Business page, it can help build customer relationships and enable you to analyze and track the results of advertising campaigns across devices |
To activate: Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Facebook for WooCommerce, and click the Activate hyperlink |
To set up: After activating you will see a notification under the Plugins header “Facebook for WooCommerce is almost ready. To get started, complete the setup steps” Click this notice on your page and follow the instructions with the plugin |