Setting up Trust Verified Reviews on your website


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  • Be able to set up Trust Verified Reviews on your website.

IMPORTANT: When watching this video please note that Google has since changed its “Review Rich Results” policy and star ratings will likely no longer appear in Search Results. This indirectly affects Trust Verified. For more information see this KB article:  Changes to Google Star Ratings (2019) 


Setting up Trust Verified Reviews on your website


   56 – Trust Verified Seal, available for display on IBN websites  
This is a proven international service that aims to prove your credibility and legitimacy to your visitors, and thereby increase your sales (see  Site visitors provide feedback into a 5-star scoring system at the time of sale and as a follow-up, which you optionally display to viewers. When used over time we estimate that it can increase sales by up to 10%, although in some regions it doesn’t appear to overcome distrust. In general, you seem to need moderately large numbers of sales to make it feasible.
Topics covered in this video:  Hide or Show the seal | positioning on the page | Colour options | Options to show the domain, Star rating, Number of ratings | TIP: Only show the Trust Verified ratings if you have a large number of ratingssee here for an explanation and reason why   |   Sample survey at the time of Checkout | Let David know if you’d like to add this to your website |