Promoting your business using multiple Free and Paid methods


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  • Describe at least 4 ways to promote your business with paid services.


Promoting your business effectively using multiple Free and Paid methods

See also this Dropbox document: Business Promotion.doc?dl=0  

Once you have the barcodes website up and running and have tested the shopping cart etc to make sure everything is working, then the next step is to promote the business.

There are multiple ways to promote your business, including free and paid methods, as described below…


Free Promotion:

Your business contacts
Email your friends, relatives, contacts and tell them about the new business you have started and ask them to have a look, and to spread the word

It is worth creating a Facebook account for your business and sharing it with your friends e.g. (this is a starter attempt – see if you can do better!)

Commenting in online forums
Search online for comments, questions, discussions about barcodes in your country –you should be able to find some areas where you can comment/reply and in the process help people understand barcodes, while also gently promoting your business. To do this, you might need to register for the forum/network

Find online Facebook groups/networks for small businesses in your country. Join these, become part of the discussion, and you might have opportunity to promote your business

Online Business Directories
Every country seems to have a multitude of online business directories. You can register your business for free in many of these directories and input as much information as possible.
This is a good way to create links to yourwebsite (good links help with Google profile)

Google Business Account
Create a Google account for your business and link it to your website email address.
With this, we can connect your Google account to the website, and then:

  • Submit your site to Google
  • Link Google Webmaster Tools to your website.
    Check or add your sitemap /sitemap_index.xmlto webmaster tools.
    Keep watch on how many pages Google indexes, and whether Google reports any errors
  • Link Google Analytics to your website (when you have a GA tracking number)
  • You can also register your business location on Google Maps.

Organic SEO (helps Google understand and promote your site)
Go to the view-all-pages link on your website dashboard
(/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=page) …and translate the following into your language: SEO titles, Meta Desc (description) and Focus

Barcode Printers
Contact barcode printers in your country who can print barcode labels for you at a good price.
You may also be able to tell these printers that you offer an alternative service to GS1 (although be careful, as some of these printers will have close relationships with GS1)

CD and DVD manufacturers
Many artists produce CDs. These are often one-off products that require a barcode, so these are good potential customers.
If you contact CD-manufacturers within your country, you might find some who are prepared to recommend you to their customers.
(It is also possible to form a relationship where they purchase the barcode from you for their customer at a 50% discount –so they can make some profit on the sale)


Paid Promotion:

Google Adwords
This can be a cost-effective way to promote your business. If you link Google Analytics and your Google Adwords accounts, it is possible to see what the Google Adwords cost, and what your ROI (Return on Investment) is.

Print Business Cards and Brochures
Business cards are very important, as you can give them to people you meet. If you are going to print on both sides of the business card, it is worth adding a QR code to the back –either a v-card link (which adds your contact details to the phone if anyone scans it with their phone) or a link to your website. (We can provide the QR code for you)

Join Business Groups
If you have time, and what to build relationships with the business community, it is worth looking for local business groups you can join. These groups often have a monthly or weekly meeting.

Business Expos
If there are any local business expos, it might be worth attending (although they can be very expensive, and might not be suitable)