Using Google Data Highlighter to facilitate Google data mapping


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  • Use Google Data Highlighter to optimally structure the data on your website for Google.



Data Highlighter is a webmaster tool for teaching Google about the pattern of structured data on your website.

Use it to tag the data fields on your site with a mouse.


Using Google Data Highlighter

Watch:  35 –Google Data Highlighter UPDATED APRIL 2020
The better the Google algorithm interprets your site data, the more Google will benefit you via customer searches | Google Data Highlighter is a means for you to structurally prepare your data so that Google more easily maps and understands it |
This video has been updated to cover Google’s updates from Google Webmsater Tools to Google Search Console |  From your website, open up your products in different tabs so that you can use the URLs for these products |  Take note whether http or https |  In a different tab, Log in to your Google Account, then go to |  Click the textbox and select one of your pages (being careful which pages are http and which are https) – this will take you to the Search Console page |  Optionally watch the video on the page. Click the Start Highlighting button. You will see a text entry box “Enter the URL…” Paste the URL of one of your products in here (be careful which are http vs https). |  From the “Type…” dropdown, select the Products option and click “Tag just this page” then click the OK buttonThe Product page will display. Drag to highlight the Heading and in the dropdown menu, select “Name” | Drag to highlight the Price and in the dropdown menu select Price > Pricing | Click the image and select “Image” | Click “Publish” |  Click the Start Highlighting button and repeatthis process with the next Product pageWhat to do if Google has not identified a Page for highlighting, because it isn’t in Google’s Page index |