Adding images to product descriptions


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  • Add images to your product descriptions to boost SEO.


Adding Images to Product descriptions

Watch:     36 –  Adding standard images to products

This is to add standard IBN sample images to your Product pages | The Facebook Group has some image links that you can optionally use (either link directly to the image online, or download the image and link independently) | First locate the image online > right-click > Copy image address | Go to Dashboard > Products and locate the appropriate Product | Mouseover it and click the “Edit” link that displays, to open the Product page for editing | Add Media > Insert from URL > Paste the URL into the textbox  | The image should display | Edit a Caption and Alternate Text | Align | Leave “Link To” as None | Click “Insert into product” | Appropriately Resize and position the image on the Product page | Click to Update the page | View it Live to test|