Adding and translating an IBNREG page

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  • Add a IBNREG page to your website and translate the IBNREG strings into your local language.

   76 Use GEBIR on your website, translating GEBIR Strings  
( has been replaced with, but otherwise this video information still applies)

GEBIR – Global Electronic Barcode Information Registry (not the same as GS1’s GEPIR) | This video is an introduction to GEBIR and how you can use it as a powerful service on your website, for customer searches of their registered barcodes |
Search by: barcode number, company name, product name, or email address of purchaser, and the results include images plus information | Examples of GEBIR barcode searches | GEBIR page on |
For your website: This is a powerful addition to your website, and is simple to setup | It searches 1) the barcode database and 2) our records of what was sold when, and to whom | Your page needs to have “gebir” in the permalink, and you need two shortcodes; [gebir_search] and [gebir_search_results] |
How to translate GEBIR strings:  By default the GEBIR search results are in English, but it is possible to translate these strings (for bilingual sites only) | From your bilingual WordPress site, go to WPML > String Translation and specify “All strings” within the domain “gebir” | For each GEBIR result that you see listed, click the “translations” hyperlink at right, translate the English phrase that you see in the textbox (but not any text between %% and %% symbols), tick the “Translation is complete” checkbox, and click the Save button | You may need to translate on a second page as well | Check your GEBIR page search results for correct translations |