Managing multi-lingual setup and SEO

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  • Manage multi-lingual setup and SEO.

Good resources:

If you are running a bi-lingual or multi-lingual website, then WPML has some great resources regarding SEO for different languages.

PDF: Using WPML for Translating your IBN Website   

Review these WPML videos and apply the instructions where required:

Related IBN video:

   69 – WPML Website Translation #1  
( Sundry translation topics – see the video to make more sense of it )
Language Switcher widget on the menu bar | WPML > Languages – Site Languages area to change the default language and add/remove languages – Menu language switcher to set up and preview the switcher |
Setup WPML – Download and Install WooCommerce Multilingual plugin | In Dashboard > Pages, click “All languages” to display translation status per listed page… shows which are translated and which are still to be translated | Option to “Copy content from English” when you open a page for translation | With Page translations you see both English and Other languages side-by-side, and a translation percentage completion indicator bar | Can also translate the permalink | Translate SEO Title and Meta Descriptions | WPML Media Translation | Activate WooCommerce Multilingual plugin – use their Setup wizard | Note that Multi-currency translation is complex, and our sites (so far) do not use it |
Scan for translatable strings in the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin (good instructions on the page)  | WPML > String Translation | WPML > Theme and plugins localisation > select a plugin and click the button “Scan the selected plugin for strings” |  The Home page usually has little translation requirement because it is largely widgets (Widget translations require a special plugin)| Beware not to translate in-page shortcodes such as

|  Widget translation will be in a separate video |
See also    73 –Translating the last few strings