Translating the Theme Options

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Please click the [ Mark Complete ] button at the bottom of this page when you’ve completed these goals:

  • Correctly translate the Theme Options for your website.

PDF: Using WPML for Translating your IBN Website   


   80 – Multi-lingual Theme options  
( Only applies if you use more than one language )
Translate Theme options into multiple languages to enable customers to see translated text in automation emails |
How to set this up: Go to Dashboard > WPML > Theme and plugins localization | Scroll down to the section “Strings in the themes”, where we can scan to identify translation strings | Tick (enable) the checkbox IBL Woo theme, then click the button “Scan selected themes for strings” | Wait for the scanning to complete and show Scanning results in a popup screen | Close the popup and go to Dashboard > WPML > String Translation | At the top, “Select strings within the domain” for “admin_texts_wooint” | You will see a list of wooint strings, with a “translations” hyperlink at the right of each option | For each listed option, click the translations hyperlink, edit the text in the box, tick the checkbox “Translation is complete” and click its Save button | When a customer orders in this language, this translated text shows in the automated email |