Background to IBN


Learning goals:

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  • Be able to state why it is important to know the background to IBN and its current spread around the globe.
  • View and read the graphical PDF Introduction to International Barcodes Network
  • Watch the video Introduction to International Barcodes Network
  • State some benefits of membership in IBN.
  • Be able to quote some relevant statistics to potential customers, such as in how many countries we sell barcodes, how many professionsl-level websites we have, how many languages we support, how many countries, how many customers worldwide, how often one of our barcodes is scanned, and how many years experience we have.
Why do you need a good knowledge of the IBN network?

We have strong competitors, including GS1, which is a giant.
We also compete with outright fake operations selling made-up and/or stolen numbers. These operations have caused savvy business people to become suspicious of barcode providers. So you need to be persuasive on our integrity, longevity, experience and professionalism. For example, a fake operation would not be able to continue and grow over 14 years as we have… they typically close dpown within a year or two – that “14 years” alone may convince buyers.

PDF introduction

Some IBN statistics (2021) to memorise:
– 118 Ecommerce websites
– Selling directly in 100 countries
– With 61 experienced Licensees running professional businesses
– Websites in 22 possible languages
– We’ve sold more than a million barcodes
– We have more than 100 000 customers in at least 120 countries
– One of our barcodes is scanned every second
– We have been operating for 14 years

Video introduction

Watch:    Video 00 – Introduction to our International Barcodes Network   
Introduction to Barcodes and to the opportunities for our Licensees to sell retail barcodes globally | David Allis background – Edugames products – the GS1 experience | Finding a better way of purchasing barcodes led to Barcodes NZ, selling in 9 countries | Founding of our international network,, selling in 40 countires | International Licensees sell our barcodes in other countries via their own websites | Introduction to retail barcodes – UPC as a subset of EAN-13  | Our barcodes were initially issued by GS1’s forerunner in the US in the 1990s – we buy these in bulk and resell them in smaller quantities | | Some of our Licensee websites | We provide a template English-language website to people who become our Licensees – these can relatively easily become bilingual or trilingual sites with a language-switcher for viewers | We provide a knowledge base and instructional videos | No upfront cost for Licensees, and only one Licensee (with sole rights) per country | We charge 30% of Licensee barcode sales (after VAT), payable in retrospect the following monthWe provide access to a full backend of the WordPress website that includes customisable WooCommerce and SEO, among a lot of additional functionality |  Our International Barcodes Database with barcode registration and search capability | Our GEBIR (now IBNREG) international database shows people the barcode images that they’ve purchased, based on a search of their Email addressWe simplify the business setup for Licensees | There are NO fixed costs – Licensees pay us only when they earn, and there is no time requirement, so Licensees are in a low-risk win-win partnership with a low-cost, flexible business model | Some setup time may be required, for example, the website may need to be translated | Potential Licensees should contact us via |
The customer experience: The customer experience of a Licensee website and barcode purchase procedures |


The International Barcodes Network (IBN) was formed in order to increase the availability of reseller barcodes and barcode information worldwide. We do this by providing local offices where local licensees, who know their individual markets, provide reseller barcode numbers for a reasonable price in the client’s native language.

IBN network benefits

The requirements for barcodes vary between countries, so sellers in each country need to be well versed on their local requirements.

However, sellers also require international knowledge.

Our network enables us to pool knowledge, share news and industry updates, co-ordinate standards of excellence, and support each other.


Members have pooled international expertise and many years of experience. They obtain their barcodes through the Network, which ensures that the barcodes we sell are consistently high quality.

All barcodes are checked for illegal use on the Internet before a sale, which reduces the chance of customers having issues due to barcode piracy.

Members of the International Barcodes Network have access to resources to help ensure that their barcodes are optimally accepted by retailers in each country. This has ensured that barcodes purchased from our members are accepted by more retailers internationally than any other barcode reseller.

  • International Barcodes (supplier and co-ordinator of the International Barcodes Network)
  • Barcode Sellers (our International Barcodes Network members by country)
  • Barcode Buyers (end-users)