Barcode-related Services


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Barcode Registration

We include Barcode Registration in purchases:

Barcode registration is included with all of the barcode numbers we sell, so customers should only purchase barcode registration if they have a barcode through another provider that they wish to register.

Customers need to provide proof of ownership to have externally-purchased barcodes registered.

Is barcode registration essential?

It’s an optional service that we offer to generally increase the Internet profile of customer products.

Registration is not essential for any barcode numbers as there is no central database for barcodes, however, there are several advantages to registering barcodes online.

Barcode registration procedure

Please go to:  and follow the easy instructions,

Or view instructions in this video:

Watch  video 102 – Barcodes Database Registration Process | Verify your Email address and view all barcodes linked to that address | How to register a barcode number from the list (tickbox) | What to do if you don’t have a website and you need to enter website details in “Manufacturer Contact (website)” | Image URL link has to be to an image (not to a page) in order for the image to show on the Zebra Scanner or on the barcode number search page | Note that there is no easy way to double-register a number, so it is not problematic if you mistakenly try to register a registered barcode | On registration the barcode shows immediately if you Search for it | SUGGESTION: Create a similar walk-through video for your own barcodes business, to walk YOUR customers through the registration process (we use the free Screencast-O-matic recorder software to record videos with speech) | Google Search for your barcode number… if there is no result, the Google Algorithm hasn’t had time to index it, but there is a way that you can speed it up…

How to “force” immediate Google indexing: Go to Google Search Console > Go to old version > Crawl > Fetch as Google > and Search for your barcode number using the full URL that you had for “Results for [barcodenumber]”, then you will see the barcode number listed on the “Fetch as Google” page together with a button | Click this “Request indexing” button > in the “Choose submit method” window click to confirm that you are not a robot… click “Crawl only this URL”… Click OK > Google indexes the URL within a minute, which you can confirm by doing another Google Search for your number |

Information that we provide potential customers: Barcode Registration


Barcode Labels

Customers typically purchase barcodes remotely and then arrange their own printing. However, you should be able to offer a service for printing labels for them. Your aim would be to print well, produce prints that are easily scannable, and eventually be able to guarantee that you avoid the common problems faced with other label printers.

Our HQ barcode label printing service takes up to 3 working days to process, and up to 7 working days to deliver.

Information that we provide potential customers: Barcode Labels 


Barcode Verification

Barcode Verification is a test scan of the barcode as it will be printed on the product packaging.

Verification enables customers to avoid the expensive rollout of barcodes that then do not work.

Tests are done on a technical scanning machine that measures how easily and accurately the barcode is likely to scan in a variety of different environments. The report comes back with a passing grade (A, B, C or D) or a Fail grade (in which case reasons will be given for the failure).

Information that we provide potential customers: Barcode Verification 


Custom Barcode Artwork

Customers who have already purchased barcode numbers can hire our designers to produce customised barcode images (for example a barcode image that incorporates a company logo), and deliverables in our standard image formats.

Information that we provide potential customers:  Custom Barcode Artwork 


Barcode Artwork Test

This is a test to verify whether custom barcode artwork will scan well.

It is conducted on the same equipment as the Verification Test, but is less formal and produces a guideline rather than a guaranteed Verification. If you offer this kind of test, be sure to use the correct language to avoid false expectations. For example “I cannot see any issues with this, so in my opinion this should scan correctly. However, I cannot guarantee it without a formal Verification Test.”

Information that we provide potential customers: Barcode Artwork Test    (includes sample reports)


Barcode Search (IBNREG)

We provide this service free of charge, enabling users to find contact information and/or product information for companies that are using legal, registered barcodes.

Information that we provide potential customers:  IBNREG search