Benefits of buying barcodes from the International Barcodes Network


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  • State some of the key features of our International Barcodes Network.
  • Provide statistics and arguments that back up the QUALITY of our barcodes based on their successful use in the international market.
  • Explain the potential hazards of buying cheap barcodes from unproven sellers.
  • Explain why we have an International Barcodes Network and the advantages of membership in the International Barcodes Network.
  • Explain the implications and advantages to barcode buyers/companies of our free BARCODE REGISTRATION with purchase.
  • Explain the concept of a COMPANY PREFIX in barcodes, and how it is advantageous to our buyers, especially to those who buy in bulk.

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Customers OWN their barcodes

Unlike our biggest competitor, we SELL barcodes that customers then OWN in perpetuity.

  • No membership scheme
  • No recurring fees
  • No barcode-renting

Customers buy on both value and security

The barcodes we supply are high-quality and can be used with confidence.

Barcode purchases include:

  • Guaranteed genuine
  • Free barcode registration in online databases
  • Free barcode verification report
  • Free barcode Company Prefix (optional)

We are the largest international barcode seller

We have an integrated network of local branches in 100 countries.

Our barcodes are accepted by more retailers than any other seller.

We are bona fide with a permanent, open public presence

We have clear phone numbers and email addresses (for support if needed), physical addresses, company details etc. on our website, so customers know who they are dealing with.

We even have photos of our happy staff.

We have the security and experience of a network

Our Network of independent barcode sellers provides assurances of quality for our customers:

  • A wealth of knowledge about barcode requirements and acceptance worldwide.
  • The security of an international network, along with the associated support and longevity brings.
  • An understanding of the barcode industry requirements, barcode legitimacy and acceptance, and barcoding technical requirements.
  • Shared knowledge and resources.

We are accepted by more Retailers worldwide than any other barcode seller

Our barcodes are accepted by 99.9% of retailers worldwide, and we can tell you who the 0.1% of retailers are.

We understand the exacting requirements of the barcode industry, which enables us to provide up-to-date information about barcode acceptance and barcoding requirements, helping our customers avoid problems, and saving them time and money.

We satisfy various verification requirements, including:

Free Barcode Registration

It is easy to copy a barcode – anyone can see a barcode number and then duplicate that barcode on a different product. Our registration helps protect users against the illegal use of their barcode numbers and helps retailers and customers find the details of their products and business.

All of our barcode packages come with FREE barcode registration.

This enables users to register their product and/or company details alongside the barcode number in an online database, which auto-feeds this information to other online databases.

Benefits of free registration for us as IPN members:
  • Retailers and customers can then easily find users’ company and product information by searching online for the barcode number, or with a barcode scanning app.
  • It helps prevent theft or accidental misuse of barcode numbers, as users have extra proof of ownership.
  • It reassures retailers of our barcode legitimacy because we can point to a comprehensive database where barcodes are registered.
Benefits of free registration that we state to customers
  • Some mobile phone scanning apps will be able to scan your physical barcode and display your product details on the screen.
    For example, the free Zebra Barcode Scanner PWA.
  • Anyone can go to  and Search your barcode number to confirm that your product is associated with the barcode number.
  • If ever you have a query (for example, someone has stolen your barcode and is using it), you can point to your specific product/barcode page on  Here is an example of a product page:  (notice the barcode number in the URL).
  • Most importantly, Barcode Registration leverages Google Search of your barcode number AND your product details.
    This is because Google web crawlers will in time find your barcode number and your Product details page on barcodesdatabase and make them available to Google Search – the time can vary from 3 days to 3 weeks depending on how busy the web is for Google Indexing. With Google’s help, your barcode becomes searchable

    • Your barcode number itself is searchable. For example, Google-search this barcode number: 9421021461303 and click the top barcodesdatabase Google result.
    • Of the hundreds of smartphone barcode scanner apps, many use Google to find a result.
      For example, a customer scans the printed barcode on your product using the ACME barcode scanner app.
      The scanner app identifies the barcode number and runs a Google Search for that number.
      The search produces your barcodesdatabase page as a result, and the scanner then displays this information on the customer’s smartphone screen.

Free retailer-friendly Company Prefix

If customers only have a few products, then the Company Prefix isn’t important as they won’t have confusion with other retailers.
But if customers have many products, then they can protect their products and barcode numbers by purchasing in lots of 10, 100 or 1000 and thereby receiving a unique company prefix in each barcode number. 

This simplifies life for the retailer when they are stocking lots of one company’s products.

More detailed information here:

Detailed information and Support

We make the barcode process easier by providing comprehensive information, backed up by email, online, and phone support.