How can I search for a barcode online? (


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Without formal registration, a barcode does not appear on IBNREG.

So by offering free barcode registration, IBN also offers the benefit of online search, which is a good selling point.


International Barcodes Network Registry (IBNREG):

IBNREG is a unique, cloud-based service that gives access to contact information and/or product information for companies that are using registered barcodes.

The barcodes used by these companies are legally purchased and independently registered.

Product information is uploaded by the company directly, so it can be trusted to be accurate.


Who typically searches IBNREG, and for what purpose? 

  • Consumers looking for more product information than is printed on the packaging.
  • Consumers looking for more manufacturer information than is printed on the packaging.
  • Buyers in retail stores, hardware chains and supermarkets looking for contact information when sourcing new products.
  • App designers looking for accurate sources of information about retail barcode numbers.
  • Distributors check the legitimacy of products they are considering distributing.
  • Online retailers (e.g. Amazon) want to check the accuracy of information about products listed for sale.


Searching for a registered barcode on IBNREG:

  1. Go to our website search here:
  2. Type any of the following terms into the IBNREG search:
    – barcode number
    – company/product name
    – email address
    > The owner’s contact information and/or product information should display.
  3. If it doesn’t display, check your typing.
    > If the typed number is correct, it is likely that the barcode has not been formally registered.


See also the IBNREG website: IBNREG – the International Barcodes Network Registry