Amazon Barcodes

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   Please click the  [Mark Complete]  button at the bottom of this page when you’ve completed these goals:

  • Be able to reassure customers that our barcodes are used on Amazon products.
  • Understand how to list your products on Amazon.
  • Be able to present a clear response to a customer query “Are your barcodes accepted by Amazon?


The struggle for Amazon consistency has heated up. We are now publishing statements on our website about Amazon’s barcode acceptance. We’re also limiting the number of information sources so that we can more accurately manage updates.

We need a standard response within your business to customer queries about Amazon.

This is especially important as Amazon change their requirements without warning, its requirements seem to vary widely, and they seem to be applied inconsistently. 


Single public web page for our information on Amazon-acceptance

Please refer to this PUBLIC web page for the latest information that we are giving our customers:

If you wish to use David Allis’ statements, please reword them to avoid Google SEO penalties on duplicated content.

If you do not wish to use these, please create similar content that your staff can use with a unified voice and confidence.

Listing products on Amazon – see the Knowledge Base topic

Because Amazon requirements are changing frequently, we’re maintaining Amazon information in the Knowledge Base only:

For an idea of ​​what we say about our two areas of concern see: