What are SSCC Codes?


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  • Explain to a customer how IBN can create SSCC codes for them.
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We can create SSCC codes for your customers.


Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC):

This is an 18-digit number used to identify logistics units.

It is based on a UPC (or EAN or ITF14) number.

A unique SSCC code is usually needed for each shipping pallet:

For example:

  • Product A (with one UPC number) is on two pallets,
  • …and each pallet has 48 units of Product A,
  • …then two SSCC codes are usually required for that one Product A UPC number.


Ordering SSCC Codes from IBN:

  1. Your customer needs to purchase the correct quantity of general barcode images from your website (if you have that product on your site).
    For example, if they need 5 x SSCCs, they need to purchase 5 x general barcode images
    (If you don’t have general barcode images as a product on your site, the customer can purchase the ITF-14 carton codes product instead).
  2. Once your customer has purchased these, please send us the following information:
    – The UPC numbers,
    – How many SSCCs are needed against each UPC number.
  3. We will create the barcode images and email them to you in 5 formats (JPEG, EPS, TIFF, BMP and PDF).
  4. You forward them to your customer.


More information:

If you get an enquiry from a customer about SSCC (shipping) codes, you can point your customer to the information on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_shipping_container_code

See also this IBN web page for viewing by our members only: https://internationalbarcodes.org/kb/sscc-codes/