Will the barcode number I buy be unique?



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  • Explain the factors that enable us to guarantee the uniqueness of our barcodes.


Yes, we guarantee that the barcode numbers our member’s supply have never been used on a retail product before.


Barcode piracy is a reality because anyone can make up a number and an image.

We, therefore, are careful to source only legitimate barcode numbers, and we provide guarantees to our buyers.


Factors that backup our guarantee:

  • Our numbers are unique and have originated from the Uniform Code Council (now GS1 US).
  • We provide guarantee certificates that you can use as proof that you own the barcode number.
  • We have a written guarantee from our source company (that these barcodes have come from) that these numbers are for our resale only.
  • This source company is recommended by George Laurer, the inventor of the UPC Barcode.
  • Furthermore, we check our barcode numbers for illegal use on the Internet before the sale so that you can be sure at the time of sale that no one is using them illegally.